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Extras: Beyond Walden: The Hidden History of America's Kettle Lakes and Ponds.

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My academic home at the University of Connecticut, looking northeast toward the glaciated stubble of mountains that used to be of Himilayan proportions.

Beyond Walden: “Thoreau scholar Larence Buell (Environmental Imagination, 525, note 2) writes, "I find it entirely plausible that Thoreau's environmental precocity was facilitated by the transfer of passion for a partner too close to oneself to the safer surrogate of the nonhuman other world. ” [note 12 for the introduction, page 266]

Library Journal: Thorson “pulls the most amazing geological and human data out of kettle ponds and explains why these lovely bodies of water bring such pleasure to those who live by them or make use of them for recreation."

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PHOTO BANNER : Additional body fat would help this boy keep warm when swimming in Bear Pond, Maine. Sewer cap near Silver Lake, in Saint Paul, Minnesota helps explain why the lake is no longer appears silver. Sunrise at the lake can be beautiful, even on a lake that is turbid with algae, as this one sometimes is (Lake Plantagenet, Minnesota).