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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

I have no officially designated teaching responsibilities in EEB.

I chaired one MS student committee, Kristina Catarese, who concentrated in Science Writing.

In 2009-2010, I served as Environmental Science Advisor in place of Professor Robin Chazdon, who was on leave.

PHOTO BANNER: False color infared aerial photo of the Malaspina Glacier on the Alaskan coastal plain, a good surrogate for lobes of the Laurentide Ice Sheet (credit NASA). Pedestrian pathways cross-cut campus on ground that is unusually level for southern New England, in this case because campus sits above an uplifted Neogene erosion surface. Pleistocene archaeological site being excavated near Delta, Alaska in my favorite material, loess, windblown glacial dust. Close-up of quarried granite from a building in New London, CT contains biotite, quartz and pink orthoclase (every geology professor needs at least one photo of a rock on their website).