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Courses Taught at UConn

Below is a list of courses I have taught at the University of Connecticut .   All are (or were) graded courses for 3-4 academic credits.  I exclude ad hoc courses: first year experience, independent study, senior thesis, internship, and so forth.

Complete descriptions for present undergraduate courses are available from the university catalog at

GEOL 4210: Glacial Processes & Materials

GEOL 3210: Earth Surface Processes

ANTH 5305: Archaeological Geology

AMST 1070: Honors Core:  Walden and the American Landscape

INTD 1700: Honors Core:  Walden, A History

SCI 1051: Geoscience Through American Studies

GEOL 1051-1050: Earth and Life Through Time 

GEOL 223/323: Glacial Processes and Materials

ANTH 305: Seminar in Geoarchaeology

GEOL 111: Age of the Dinosaurs

GEOL 102: Introductory Geology

GEOL 295: Global Climate Change

GEOL 101: Environmental Geology

GEOL/EEB 205: Current Issues in Environmental Science

GEOL 305: Graduate Seminar in Tectonic Geomorphology

GEOL 220: Principles of Geomorphology

GEOL 226: Quaternary Stratigraphy

PHOTO BANNER: False color infared aerial photo of the Malaspina Glacier on the Alaskan coastal plain, a good surrogate for lobes of the Laurentide Ice Sheet (credit NASA). Pedestrian pathways cross-cut campus on ground that is unusually level for southern New England, in this case because campus sits above an uplifted Neogene erosion surface. Pleistocene archaeological site being excavated near Delta, Alaska in my favorite material, loess, windblown glacial dust. Close-up of quarried granite from a building in New London, CT contains biotite, quartz and pink orthoclase (every geology professor needs at least one photo of a rock on their website).